Communicate values and routines with your new employees

“As a company that is expanding rapidly, we need to communicate our values and routines directly with our new employees.”

Johan Andersson


Roommejts is a growing company creating wall solutions for office spaces

They use Boardon to get newcomers inspired and included in the company’s unique values.

Boardon helps making the onboarding easy, letting them focus on their core business.

For a company like Roommejts, which is growing fast, the opportunity to upgrade or switch subscriptions easily, is a convenient benefit. Boardon matches the agile rapid growth of a company like this by not having a long implementation time and giving just the right amount of functions.

African American Shakespeare Company

Bodens kommun uses Boardon to send out invites to new employees

Bodens kommun is a town council located in the north of Sweden.

Working with council customers is rewarding. We really feel we make a difference by adding a layer of communication within the council’s widely different functions.

Boden kommun uses Boardon for two educational departments, sending out invites to new employees getting them familiar with regulations and policy’s. This provides a professional and human centred approach to informing new hires.

A professional and human centred approach to informing new hires

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