Free to start, easy to upgrade

Give your newcomers attention with a world class preboarding experience directly in the mobile.

The onboarding is easily managed from the web based administration interface. From admin you set up the onboardings, send the invitations to the newcomers and follow it all up with reports and statistics.



Preboarding software

Boardon helps you meet the challenges with a mobile-friendly, welcoming solution using mobile text messages to get your new employees’ attention.


Create content

Start by uploading all files you want to place on the site.

You can make quizzes and write articles directly from the admin page.

Youtube/Vimeo videos and other external material can be linked without uploading it to

Add activities or fixed date events to be placed on a timeline for the newcomer.

Create an introduction plan where you piece all the content together.

Add users and send invitations

Add the user information; name, email address or phone number is basically what you need.

For bigger companies the batch function is useful, when you want to add many users at once.

You can create standard notifications and invitation texts.

But you can also personalise them for each invitation.

Your newcomer's welcome site

The invitation lands conveniently in the new employee’s phone.

The first thing on the introduction site is a welcoming video.A timeline gives a good overview of the near future.

All content is mobile friendly to help make the portal the go to place before the first day in the office.


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